Tuesday, March 20, 2007


At mums this morning, she is still in abit of pain from her knee operation.
Shaun and i took the kids to the MONSTER TRUCK SHOW last Saturday night. It was freaking awesome. They had four Monster Trucks, Stunt motor bikes, They dropped cars from cranes, and had these vans that had jet engines on the back, which they used to burn a old car and fireworks. The kids loved it but my other half loved it even more then the kids. My other is cute but thats the way i love him. Nothing really exciting has really happened. Oh well ...........

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What day.

Okay what a day..................
To start with my son brought home a wonderful present home for the family HEADLICE. Now i don't like using the hate word but i really really really HATE headlice. So i spent last nite washing the kids hair, their bed sheets, clothes, cushions on the lounge, brushes and combs, towels from both bathrooms, my sons school hat, my bed sheets, basically anything that their heads could of come into contact with. It was a long nite. I kept my son home from school today until i was sure that they were gone and let me tell you that it has been a long day. Just keep telling myself that it won't be long before they are both in school. YAY.
On a ligher note my other half was told today that he passed his excavator and loader tests.
"WooHooo !!! Got my EXCAVATOR and LOADER tickets. I'm legal 2 play with big boy toys now ... xXXx"
I know that he is over the moon about this and i don't blame him it has been along wait for this, and all it took was a dummy spit about going nowhere to his boss. His boss his a lazy git. I mean the guys boobs out do mine for crying out loud. Man boobs arent a good look.
My mum went into hospital this afternoon. She has a tear in her knee. I told her while she was in there and under knife to tell them to put in breast implants. She laughed but you know what ...... i would.About all to report in with today. Oh expect my cousin was going for tests, she has a lump in her breasts and she is only young, i haven't seen her to ask her how things went. When i last spoke to her about it she didnt seem that worried about it. I think i am more worried then she is.
On another note i am thinking that my cousin who is getting married thinks that i am made of money. Mum brought these beatiful fake flowers for her wedding and she was like "But i want to buy the flowers" With what!! they have no money that is why my aunty is sending herself into debt to pay for it and the thing that bugs me is that the guy she is marrying could cash in his long service leave and pay for it but he just smiles and doesnt say anything when we bring it up. So i am already paying for my dress and shoes, jewellery and i ain't sure if we are going to the hairdresser or not, i don't have a huge income and will suggle to pay for that but my cousin doesn't seem to care. She is turning into a Bridezilla.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Just a BITCH

Today i am feeling in a playful mood. I think my colour choices are showing that.
This morning i woke up feeling like a truck had ran over me and then backed up over to check i was ok. So i slept in and left Mr Impulsives house to pick the kids late. Isn't it funny that if you have a late morning it seems to put your whole day out of whack. Nikita has to wait for awhile before it is her turn to dance, so i brought her something from the canteen but that of course wasnt good enough and she wanted more, spat the dummy and got her knickers in a twist. So i had to take her back to mums until it was her turn to dance. I think i should rent her out as birth control for teens. The thing about dancing is that it can get as bitchy as any other sport that is dominated by the female spieces. Last year there was this lady who always did the canteen and tried to do everything else. Well you know what happens when you burn a candle from both ends. So another lady offered to lend her a hand while she got back on track and this is the result of a helping hand.
" I hear you are taking other MY job?"
"No i am just trying to help out, I am not trying to step on any ones toes."
"Oh.......no i was just kidding."
Apparently she didn't say it like she was joking. I couldn't help but laugh, see i can't help but think if the world was run solely by women that we wouldn't be in a more caring environment but a bithchy one.
My two bobs was that you always getting the same old people helping cause new comers and other people never know that the club needs help for the sole reason that they are never asked or its never advertised.
Going to start taking Nikita to Gymnastics, She spends so much time now rolling, Tumbling and jumping that i think that it is going to suit her to a tea. My Aunty takes her son and she was telling me all about it. $4 a lesson and $40 for registration which includes insurance. Told mum about it and she didn't seem to take any notice. I think she wanted me to take my youngest away with me this weekend ( which i don't have a problem with) but i said if i take one i take both. Meaning i take my son as well. She is going in for a operation on her knee Next Thursay and she is in a mad rush to clean the house.
Anyway i better pack will be leaving for the shack soon. Gonna take a camera and take some photos.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Well i have started my vest and to be honest I was alittle disappointed. Yes i had one of those omg look how much weight i have put on moment. Nothing like a measuring tape to give you a confidence boost. So i decided on the what seem to be the same sort of wool but they thought if they call them two different things then i mite be fooled, but to be honest i am not sure if i like working with pure wool, its not very soft. Its made in Japan. Isn't that sad that with all the sheep in Australia we still have wool being imported from another country and they are doing abit of a dogey job with it. The wool doesn't tell me the colours so i am going to call them greenapple green and plum purple. Did a tension square to work out how many stitches i needed to cast on. Won't bore you with the details. I remember doing Maths in highschool saying "When am i ever going to use this". Well guess what kiddies i am now eating my words. Its going well. Have started the decreases for my waist. Thank god i still have one.

I spoke to a old friend of mine Mr AreoBar last nite. its weird Mr Aerobar and i get along really well. He is always and i mean always there for me and he understands me. There is a gaint age gap between us i think about 13 years but never once has he made me feel like he his talking to me like a child. He was telling me he has brought a new car, a something something 1990 Cal something. Sorry tend to turn out with car talk. He was ment to be dropping past this afternoon for a visit, but i guess he got side tracked.
Going to stay at Mr Impulsives tonight. Haven't seen him all week and i miss him like crazy. He was going to come around on Wednesday but i canceled it. I have had this shocking tummy bug this week. In the mornings it is the worse. So i finally get to see him tonight and the best thing is we are going away this weekend to my parents holiday home. I am really looking forward to going away no kids to bug me with "mum she hit me" "mum i'm hungry".

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Designing my own Vest

Ok i have been thinking about making a deep v tight vest for the PINK CONCERT and i am also making a wrap for my cousin but i think i mite change it to a v sweater instead. So i thought i mite jot down a few notes on here, that way there is less likely of a chance of me losing them. I am using Stitch'n bitch Nation as a guild. Fingers crossed here goes nothing .
Working out the EASE.
(Ease is simply the additional number of number of inches the designer added (or subtracted) from the wearer's bust measurement to design a sweater that would fit in a certain way.)
So with this is mind i have decided on a Standard fitting (2 to 4 inches more then the body measurements) for my cousin and for me Close fitting (snug but not tight, your exact size).

Monday, March 5, 2007

Been Hard at It

Ok have been quite lately but with good reason. Life is HECTIC. This is a Poncho i made for my daughter Nikita. In my egaerness to make something that would fit her for awhile i made it a wee bit big. (shrugs). Its knit in two pieces then joined at the sides. The pattern is from Patrons but i didn't use the wool they suggested to use cause to be frank i didn't like it. I love the fun fur on kids items. This is a great item now Autumn is kicking in and things are getting colder on those early morning walks to school. It is really light and soft but really warm.
The second picture is off The Irish Hiking Scarf. http://www.helloyarn.com/irishhikingcarf.htm


Ok at the risk of sounding like a love sick puppy, I really love my other half and its really the little things like when he gets to work he sends me a text message.

"Morning sexy, Have a nice day. Hope the kids play nice. Talk to you later. xxx."

"Morning sexy. Made it 2 wrk with trailer. Door is here!! Thanks 4 a nice morning. Have a nice day xxXxx."

"Thank you sexy. Tea was YUMMY and so are you."


Off to mums to borrow her camera. Mine has a few hiccups.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

My other half

I just want to make it clear that i think i have the best MR IMPULSIVE in the WORLD. Today he paid for US (meaning Mr Impulsive the kids and me) to go to MONSTER TRUCKS. Yay for monster trucks. Not sure who is more exctied the kids or Mr Impulsive and myself. We got a deal that we brought a family ticket and got a extra kid ticket for FREE. So seeing that Mr Impulsives neighbours have been SUPER HELPFUL to him latley i was going to see if their eldest who is the only boy they have would like to come. Hey what is one more. I am so excited about this i love MONSTER TRUCKS.
Then on top of this we mite be going to see the CRUSTY DEMONS UNLEASH HELL. Guys on motorbikes doing stunts, Freaks, the crusty babe (Mr Impulsive Favourite) and more. I am such a toyboy.