Friday, March 9, 2007

Just a BITCH

Today i am feeling in a playful mood. I think my colour choices are showing that.
This morning i woke up feeling like a truck had ran over me and then backed up over to check i was ok. So i slept in and left Mr Impulsives house to pick the kids late. Isn't it funny that if you have a late morning it seems to put your whole day out of whack. Nikita has to wait for awhile before it is her turn to dance, so i brought her something from the canteen but that of course wasnt good enough and she wanted more, spat the dummy and got her knickers in a twist. So i had to take her back to mums until it was her turn to dance. I think i should rent her out as birth control for teens. The thing about dancing is that it can get as bitchy as any other sport that is dominated by the female spieces. Last year there was this lady who always did the canteen and tried to do everything else. Well you know what happens when you burn a candle from both ends. So another lady offered to lend her a hand while she got back on track and this is the result of a helping hand.
" I hear you are taking other MY job?"
"No i am just trying to help out, I am not trying to step on any ones toes."
" i was just kidding."
Apparently she didn't say it like she was joking. I couldn't help but laugh, see i can't help but think if the world was run solely by women that we wouldn't be in a more caring environment but a bithchy one.
My two bobs was that you always getting the same old people helping cause new comers and other people never know that the club needs help for the sole reason that they are never asked or its never advertised.
Going to start taking Nikita to Gymnastics, She spends so much time now rolling, Tumbling and jumping that i think that it is going to suit her to a tea. My Aunty takes her son and she was telling me all about it. $4 a lesson and $40 for registration which includes insurance. Told mum about it and she didn't seem to take any notice. I think she wanted me to take my youngest away with me this weekend ( which i don't have a problem with) but i said if i take one i take both. Meaning i take my son as well. She is going in for a operation on her knee Next Thursay and she is in a mad rush to clean the house.
Anyway i better pack will be leaving for the shack soon. Gonna take a camera and take some photos.

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