Wednesday, February 14, 2007

YAY for Mr Impulsive

Well Mr Impulsive suprised me with roses last nite. I was so shocked that he had taken the time after work to bother to find me flowers . Well to be honest on Valentines you don't have to look far everyone seems to be selling them, but i don't care i asked for them and he LISTENED and got them. I honestly didn't think i was getting them so when i saw them i couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. Mr Impulsive also loved his top. Can't go wrong with FORD and Mr Impulsive.
He was alittle worried cause the top was white! I told him that it is a show top and that is all.
That reminds me to buy stain remover in the shopping. So we cooked tea together. T-bone steaks with chips and salad. We work well together.

Mr Impulsive is soon to be sitting some tests at work to get some extra licences with the machines at work. So he was telling me all about that. I think personallly it is about time. His boss is a gonna not a doer. Lazy Git.

Drove my new car today. Its a manual and i haven't driven a manual for a very long time. So i throw myself into the deep end and just drove. I had to be honest and say yes i am still bunny hopping and sometimes i miss the gears all together. Today was embrassing i took my son to school and was trying to reverse the car out of the carpark, but i couldn't get the car to play nice and couldn't figure out why when some workmen came over and told me that i still had the hand brake on. I am sure they are still laughing about it. Released the hand brake and the car worked.
Got home and saw junior impulsives lunch sitting on the bench so took the car back out and not a problem. Had to drive past the workmen and they were clapping and cheering. Should of ran them over. Buggers.

Terror impulsive is trying to blow up a balloon. After so many attempts she has finally brought it to me, covered in drool. YAY for me

Anyway off to spend some money at the local craft store SPOTLIGHT

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well its valentines day and i am going round to Mr Impulsives house to cook him some juicey T-Bone steaks. We don't really go overboard with Valentines but its nice to show that you love the person and the way to Mr Impulsives heart is him tummy. I also brought him a FORD t-shirt which i hope fits him. I was asked what i wanted for Valentines and i said all i wanted was to see him for dinner and maybe some flowers. But everytime i ask for flowers i get when we first started dating you said you didn't like flowers. I had to point out no i said flowers every now and then would be great but he doesn't have to go overboard and buy them all the time. I do have to say nice play on my words though. So now i feel silly cause i brought him something and i know i won't get anything in return and i don't want to say anything cause i don't want to make him feel guilty.
I have a new car today. Well not that new but new to me. Its a Holden beep beep BARINA. My new toy but it means i now have to teach myself to drive a manual all over again. Anyway its late and i should go see my handsome other half .

Monday, February 12, 2007

Why arent there more hours in the day?

Okay today i bring to you why there aren't more hours in my day?


Where the heck do the hours go?

After looking after the kids and housework there never seems to be time for me. Today was a pretty uneventfull day nothing really worth bragging about.
Had a headache for a few days. It is making me grumpy with every one, ranging from the kids my partner, the poor lady who served me in the shop. I should go see a doctor but i already know the drill they will get my blood pressure then tell me to lose weight. Not that i have been told that before just going on every over time i have been in there to see them about something i normally get you could lose some weight. Its enough to make you avoid doctors all together. Really annoying when you don't even go in there about your weight. HaHaHa

Didn't get to see Mr ImpulsiveKnitting tonite. Its a shame but hey when you live in seperate houses you get that. To be honest i am not sure if i would of made great company. He is all happy he got to drive a truck today. It made his day. I think he wanted to ring and tell me about it but all i want to do is lock myself in a dark room and go to sleep. I brought him a small present for Valentines day. Its just a metal FORD keyring. He likes FORDS but don't tell him or i might have to kill ya. :o) Going to make him a nice dinner for Valentines show him that i love him pieces. This is our second Valentine together and i hope we share many more (touch wood).
Anyway i think i have grossed you guys out enough as it is so i might go to be and think up new knitting designs.

Sweet Dreams all

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Things that make me go mmmmmmm

ok it has been like forever since i have posted so i need to pull my finger out and get cracking.
My son has finished his second week of school and i am not sure who is more tired me or the kids. cause the same week school starts all the sporting events seem to start as well.
I don't mind them doing sporting events after school but the frustrating thing is my mum said that she would take them to dancing and i didn't have to have anything to do with it. Then my mum got lazy and was taking them in dribbs and drabbs. Which inturn frustrated the hell out of me so i told her not to worry about it i would take them. So now i have to rearrange things cause my mum got lazy and the worse thing is when i tell her it annoys me all i get is oh well your a mum. She keeps enroling my son into things but then seems to lose interest and starts making excuses not to take him.
Mr Impulsive Knitting and myself had a massive argument on Sunday, all cause get this he had a shitty day at work on Friday. His work thinks it ok to send workers out in unairconditioned machines in 40 plus degree heat. They don't even ofter then drinks and if they do get offered a drink they have choice between tap water that isn't cold, light beers and soft drinks. And two of them you shouldn't be drinking if you are dehyrated.