Monday, February 12, 2007

Why arent there more hours in the day?

Okay today i bring to you why there aren't more hours in my day?


Where the heck do the hours go?

After looking after the kids and housework there never seems to be time for me. Today was a pretty uneventfull day nothing really worth bragging about.
Had a headache for a few days. It is making me grumpy with every one, ranging from the kids my partner, the poor lady who served me in the shop. I should go see a doctor but i already know the drill they will get my blood pressure then tell me to lose weight. Not that i have been told that before just going on every over time i have been in there to see them about something i normally get you could lose some weight. Its enough to make you avoid doctors all together. Really annoying when you don't even go in there about your weight. HaHaHa

Didn't get to see Mr ImpulsiveKnitting tonite. Its a shame but hey when you live in seperate houses you get that. To be honest i am not sure if i would of made great company. He is all happy he got to drive a truck today. It made his day. I think he wanted to ring and tell me about it but all i want to do is lock myself in a dark room and go to sleep. I brought him a small present for Valentines day. Its just a metal FORD keyring. He likes FORDS but don't tell him or i might have to kill ya. :o) Going to make him a nice dinner for Valentines show him that i love him pieces. This is our second Valentine together and i hope we share many more (touch wood).
Anyway i think i have grossed you guys out enough as it is so i might go to be and think up new knitting designs.

Sweet Dreams all

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