Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shed Progress

OK so on the weekend my other half and me continued on with the shed. Layed the carpet down, trimmed it and released that whoever built the shed didn't bother to make sure it had straight sides on the foundation so now my shed looks like a rectangle that has had the sides pushed to a lean! Not sure who is was more frustrated, me or my partner. but we managed to get it done. I reckon it needs a lick of paint and some offer finishing touches. But my partner likes to bring me back down to earth and remind me that there other things to worry about.
Kids pageant went really well they had a ball will post more pictures when i get a sec anyway got to go and do some cleaning :o)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dreaded Window Shopping

OK i have never really
been a girly girl. I mean don't get me wrong i like to look good but i love to get dirty more. My cousin has asked me to go dress shopping for her wedding on the 16Th of FREAKING DECEMBER. I am meant to be the matron of honour. Yay for me (not). I just ain't sure what the rush is and why she wants to be married in 6 months, the middle of good dam winter, and the funniest thing is she wants a garden wedding. Why do brides seem to lose their marbles when planning a wedding. So now i have been asked to go dress shopping oh sorry i mean window shopping. shoot me now! Now December is not a good time for me let alone anyone else i think. With shopping, seeing Santa, drinking, various parties, and more drinking the last thing i need to do is window shop for a dress i will wear once. i don't go anywhere to use the dress again.So i was about to protest and say whatever you pick is fine but i got this look from my mum to say IF YOU DON'T SAY YES I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL! I must admit my mum is still scary after 25 years. I hope to have that power after 25 years. Shaun isn't going. He hates mark to high heaven and i don't blame him or try to make him come. So it is just me and the kids.


(Doing the happy dance) I have finished the back of my daughters ballet wrap. Today i am thinking i should try to complete the other sleeve, cause the problem is i can't remember how i did the first one. Ops. I have posted a photo of the back and the sleeve i have done. I am really trying to have this completed by Saturday but i know she won't be able to wear it. The weather is ment to be really hot. Bugga.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Pictures of kids in costumes

Last couple of days has been slow. After the dance productions things have gone back to normal, well what we consider normal. This weekend my kids are going to be in the Playford pageant. They are excited. Trying to con the other half to tag along and keep me company. I think i am winning. I posted some pictures of my kids at the dance production (my daughter in her chicken costume and my son is farmer costumes) and one of a ballet wrap i am knitting for my daughter. Its Candy pink and white stripedI love to knit things that different and stand out. I am hoping to have it finished so she can wear it to dance this Saturday. fingers crossed


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas Wish List

OK what a long weekend. My kids had two dance productions this weekend so they are both so exhausted. So due to last minute things to be done on costumes and their rehearsals i haven't been able to pick up the needles at all. Feel like i am having withdrawals. So both productions went as smooth as they could go with about 60 kids bouncing off the walls.
I have decided that i am not to buy any more wool until i have used up my stash. This is so hard for me but i am determined not to visit somewhere that sells wool until my boxes are wool free. I have managed to finish a bag for my sons teacher but still have another one to go. I found this neat
This scarf i am going to knit for my sister for a xmas present. Expect mine is going to be hot pink skulls and black

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

When i was single there was a guy who i was friendly with and one morning we had gone to a friends house all nite, the sun began to shine in the window when we thought it was time to come home. Walking the streets at 6 am in the morning was great, The world had not yet begun to wake and we had the streets to ourselves. Next thing i know this guy was making mad dashes into peoples front yards to pick flowers for me and till this day forth it is still the most romantic thing someone has done for me. My partner on the other hand doesn't think or do things like that and sometimes i accuse him of taking things for granted. Well i think he may of finally listened to me and he is starting to change and they aren't big things little things like a hug for no reason, or open the car door for me or my personal favourite holding my hand when we walk together. I don't want us to grow stale you know those old people you see still walking hand in hand with each other done the road after about 50 years of marriage. That would be bees knees for me but i still think its great that my other half can still touch me and give me goosebumps. He is my knight in shinning armour without being fake or plastic.
speaking of fake my mum is considering getting fake boobies put in. I told her to go for it. She was a big women but has lost a lot of weight and with the weight the boobs went. If it makes her happy i say what the hey.
i haven't been able to really knit all this week with all these dress rehearsals but on the brighter note it is only once a year (praise the lord sorry not religious it just seem to fit) Better go and make sure we have everything for their dress rehearsal tonite.
Tip for today.
Measure twice cut once

Monday, November 13, 2006

Wednesday night my kids have their dress rehearsal for their end of year dance production. They are in How much is that doggy in the window, where my son is dressed a dog and my daughter in a cute party dress. Brave Brave Mouse where they are both dressed as mice and chicken dance, Nikita is a chicken and Matty is a farm boy. Should be interesting night. So i am sorting out their costumes into different bags and making sure they are labeled and everything they own is labeled. My sister is dressing them cause i will be in another dressing room. I have just finished putting shoe polish on Matthews tap shoes and forgot to open a window.
At the moment i am waiting for the sparky to arrive. My son has a fan in the ceiling of his room but without a light. So for the last two years (i know slack) he has to work by his desk lamp or bedside table lamp. Poor thing.
Can't do alot today until the sparky is finished cause the power will be off.
Tip for today
When knitting scarves, be careful not to knit a farbic that is too dense. Scarves need to be pliable in order to fit comfortably around the neck.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Knitting Tips of Today

  1. Dropped stitches in Knitting with furry yarns can be virtually impossible to pick up. If it shows you'll have to unpick and start again.
  2. If you need to pick up more then one stitch, hold the others with safetypins while you pickup the first ones.
  3. Store your fluffy yarns in the freezer for an hour before you start to knit, and this should stop the ball from shedding.
  4. To find out if a yarn is itchy and whether it will fuzz with wear, thread a couple of strands of the yarn you want to test through a pendant and wear it round your neck for a couple of days. Then you candecide if you want to use it.
  5. Always buy one more ball than the pattern specifies, in case you knit lossely or decide to knit something bigger.