Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas Wish List

OK what a long weekend. My kids had two dance productions this weekend so they are both so exhausted. So due to last minute things to be done on costumes and their rehearsals i haven't been able to pick up the needles at all. Feel like i am having withdrawals. So both productions went as smooth as they could go with about 60 kids bouncing off the walls.
I have decided that i am not to buy any more wool until i have used up my stash. This is so hard for me but i am determined not to visit somewhere that sells wool until my boxes are wool free. I have managed to finish a bag for my sons teacher but still have another one to go. I found this neat
This scarf i am going to knit for my sister for a xmas present. Expect mine is going to be hot pink skulls and black

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KatnZoey said...

that is a really neat scarf, if i had enough patience i would do it. u gotta show a pic if u do it! and the pink would be hot. bye :)