Tuesday, November 14, 2006

When i was single there was a guy who i was friendly with and one morning we had gone to a friends house all nite, the sun began to shine in the window when we thought it was time to come home. Walking the streets at 6 am in the morning was great, The world had not yet begun to wake and we had the streets to ourselves. Next thing i know this guy was making mad dashes into peoples front yards to pick flowers for me and till this day forth it is still the most romantic thing someone has done for me. My partner on the other hand doesn't think or do things like that and sometimes i accuse him of taking things for granted. Well i think he may of finally listened to me and he is starting to change and they aren't big things little things like a hug for no reason, or open the car door for me or my personal favourite holding my hand when we walk together. I don't want us to grow stale you know those old people you see still walking hand in hand with each other done the road after about 50 years of marriage. That would be bees knees for me but i still think its great that my other half can still touch me and give me goosebumps. He is my knight in shinning armour without being fake or plastic.
speaking of fake my mum is considering getting fake boobies put in. I told her to go for it. She was a big women but has lost a lot of weight and with the weight the boobs went. If it makes her happy i say what the hey.
i haven't been able to really knit all this week with all these dress rehearsals but on the brighter note it is only once a year (praise the lord sorry not religious it just seem to fit) Better go and make sure we have everything for their dress rehearsal tonite.
Tip for today.
Measure twice cut once

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