Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dreaded Window Shopping

OK i have never really
been a girly girl. I mean don't get me wrong i like to look good but i love to get dirty more. My cousin has asked me to go dress shopping for her wedding on the 16Th of FREAKING DECEMBER. I am meant to be the matron of honour. Yay for me (not). I just ain't sure what the rush is and why she wants to be married in 6 months, the middle of good dam winter, and the funniest thing is she wants a garden wedding. Why do brides seem to lose their marbles when planning a wedding. So now i have been asked to go dress shopping oh sorry i mean window shopping. shoot me now! Now December is not a good time for me let alone anyone else i think. With shopping, seeing Santa, drinking, various parties, and more drinking the last thing i need to do is window shop for a dress i will wear once. i don't go anywhere to use the dress again.So i was about to protest and say whatever you pick is fine but i got this look from my mum to say IF YOU DON'T SAY YES I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL! I must admit my mum is still scary after 25 years. I hope to have that power after 25 years. Shaun isn't going. He hates mark to high heaven and i don't blame him or try to make him come. So it is just me and the kids.

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