Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well its valentines day and i am going round to Mr Impulsives house to cook him some juicey T-Bone steaks. We don't really go overboard with Valentines but its nice to show that you love the person and the way to Mr Impulsives heart is him tummy. I also brought him a FORD t-shirt which i hope fits him. I was asked what i wanted for Valentines and i said all i wanted was to see him for dinner and maybe some flowers. But everytime i ask for flowers i get when we first started dating you said you didn't like flowers. I had to point out no i said flowers every now and then would be great but he doesn't have to go overboard and buy them all the time. I do have to say nice play on my words though. So now i feel silly cause i brought him something and i know i won't get anything in return and i don't want to say anything cause i don't want to make him feel guilty.
I have a new car today. Well not that new but new to me. Its a Holden beep beep BARINA. My new toy but it means i now have to teach myself to drive a manual all over again. Anyway its late and i should go see my handsome other half .

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