Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What day.

Okay what a day..................
To start with my son brought home a wonderful present home for the family HEADLICE. Now i don't like using the hate word but i really really really HATE headlice. So i spent last nite washing the kids hair, their bed sheets, clothes, cushions on the lounge, brushes and combs, towels from both bathrooms, my sons school hat, my bed sheets, basically anything that their heads could of come into contact with. It was a long nite. I kept my son home from school today until i was sure that they were gone and let me tell you that it has been a long day. Just keep telling myself that it won't be long before they are both in school. YAY.
On a ligher note my other half was told today that he passed his excavator and loader tests.
"WooHooo !!! Got my EXCAVATOR and LOADER tickets. I'm legal 2 play with big boy toys now ... xXXx"
I know that he is over the moon about this and i don't blame him it has been along wait for this, and all it took was a dummy spit about going nowhere to his boss. His boss his a lazy git. I mean the guys boobs out do mine for crying out loud. Man boobs arent a good look.
My mum went into hospital this afternoon. She has a tear in her knee. I told her while she was in there and under knife to tell them to put in breast implants. She laughed but you know what ...... i would.About all to report in with today. Oh expect my cousin was going for tests, she has a lump in her breasts and she is only young, i haven't seen her to ask her how things went. When i last spoke to her about it she didnt seem that worried about it. I think i am more worried then she is.
On another note i am thinking that my cousin who is getting married thinks that i am made of money. Mum brought these beatiful fake flowers for her wedding and she was like "But i want to buy the flowers" With what!! they have no money that is why my aunty is sending herself into debt to pay for it and the thing that bugs me is that the guy she is marrying could cash in his long service leave and pay for it but he just smiles and doesnt say anything when we bring it up. So i am already paying for my dress and shoes, jewellery and i ain't sure if we are going to the hairdresser or not, i don't have a huge income and will suggle to pay for that but my cousin doesn't seem to care. She is turning into a Bridezilla.

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