Thursday, March 8, 2007

Well i have started my vest and to be honest I was alittle disappointed. Yes i had one of those omg look how much weight i have put on moment. Nothing like a measuring tape to give you a confidence boost. So i decided on the what seem to be the same sort of wool but they thought if they call them two different things then i mite be fooled, but to be honest i am not sure if i like working with pure wool, its not very soft. Its made in Japan. Isn't that sad that with all the sheep in Australia we still have wool being imported from another country and they are doing abit of a dogey job with it. The wool doesn't tell me the colours so i am going to call them greenapple green and plum purple. Did a tension square to work out how many stitches i needed to cast on. Won't bore you with the details. I remember doing Maths in highschool saying "When am i ever going to use this". Well guess what kiddies i am now eating my words. Its going well. Have started the decreases for my waist. Thank god i still have one.

I spoke to a old friend of mine Mr AreoBar last nite. its weird Mr Aerobar and i get along really well. He is always and i mean always there for me and he understands me. There is a gaint age gap between us i think about 13 years but never once has he made me feel like he his talking to me like a child. He was telling me he has brought a new car, a something something 1990 Cal something. Sorry tend to turn out with car talk. He was ment to be dropping past this afternoon for a visit, but i guess he got side tracked.
Going to stay at Mr Impulsives tonight. Haven't seen him all week and i miss him like crazy. He was going to come around on Wednesday but i canceled it. I have had this shocking tummy bug this week. In the mornings it is the worse. So i finally get to see him tonight and the best thing is we are going away this weekend to my parents holiday home. I am really looking forward to going away no kids to bug me with "mum she hit me" "mum i'm hungry".

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