Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Designing my own Vest

Ok i have been thinking about making a deep v tight vest for the PINK CONCERT and i am also making a wrap for my cousin but i think i mite change it to a v sweater instead. So i thought i mite jot down a few notes on here, that way there is less likely of a chance of me losing them. I am using Stitch'n bitch Nation as a guild. Fingers crossed here goes nothing .
Working out the EASE.
(Ease is simply the additional number of number of inches the designer added (or subtracted) from the wearer's bust measurement to design a sweater that would fit in a certain way.)
So with this is mind i have decided on a Standard fitting (2 to 4 inches more then the body measurements) for my cousin and for me Close fitting (snug but not tight, your exact size).

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