Sunday, March 4, 2007

My other half

I just want to make it clear that i think i have the best MR IMPULSIVE in the WORLD. Today he paid for US (meaning Mr Impulsive the kids and me) to go to MONSTER TRUCKS. Yay for monster trucks. Not sure who is more exctied the kids or Mr Impulsive and myself. We got a deal that we brought a family ticket and got a extra kid ticket for FREE. So seeing that Mr Impulsives neighbours have been SUPER HELPFUL to him latley i was going to see if their eldest who is the only boy they have would like to come. Hey what is one more. I am so excited about this i love MONSTER TRUCKS.
Then on top of this we mite be going to see the CRUSTY DEMONS UNLEASH HELL. Guys on motorbikes doing stunts, Freaks, the crusty babe (Mr Impulsive Favourite) and more. I am such a toyboy.

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