Monday, May 7, 2007

Letting off steam

Spoke to my other half tonight and got the feeling he was tired of me, I know he gets frustrated with me and my kids a lot. It's hard for him he is use to being on his own and i am use to doing things my way and when i want to. I don't like to have to check things through with another person. It is hard for my to change my lifestyle, I like the perks of living with just me and my kids and my kids are use to it to. Having someone move in just doesn't affect my lifestyle but their little life's to. My other half and i always go through these little episodes every now and then. Must be due for one. Sometimes i find that we don't communicate with each other very well and things just bottle up until they explode with us let every little thing out and sometimes even the hurtful stuff that we know we don't mean. It does take a lot to keep my attention, don't like to deal with things when they become to hard, or made to be harder then what they should be, prefer to walk away. I have enough hard things in my life with raising two children by myself i don't need anything else thrown my way. Maybe i should stop protecting shaun and let him know what my life is really about not just what i want him to know, not sure if he could handle it. Would be a test. I want him to see i can't be what he wants me to be !!

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