Monday, May 7, 2007


Today i am attempting to dye some yarn. Its come down to that i am stick of not being able to find the colours i am after, or even the colour combinations and being South Australia we don't have a big selection here.
So i am taking matters into my own hands.... Just soaking the unknow yarn know. Been reading a bit about this whole dying process and everything seems to say that natural fibres are better to work with when you are a beginning. So i am following some dying intstructions from simply knitting. Keep you posted.
On other news i have started my HSKS bag for my swap partner. She is in RavenClaw.

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Lia said...

I am dye-ing (har har) to see how it turned out! I dyed some wool yarn with kool-aid (do you have Kool-aid in South Australia??) this winter, and it was so much fun! I am going to try dyeing some sock yarn for my swap partner who is Ravenclaw as well.