Monday, April 16, 2007

School Holiday Madness

What a couple of huge weeks. Lets start with my dads sisters 50Th birthday party. My dad comes from a family of 12 kids, all with there different personalities. I caught up with aunties and uncles and cousins that have almost grown taller then me. Which is always a shock. I have about 34 cousins with this side of the family and my children are older then some of my cousins.

I introduced Shaun to a lot of them, not by choice only cause they cornered me and told me to take them to him. Shaun had a great time, but the only downer was i was the designated driver, so i couldn't drink. So i didn't find funny a lot of what the drunks did.
After that came Easter. I hate Easter, only cause i am trying to not put on any weight and Easter with the chocolate and hot cross buns doesn't help. We had a family get together at my house and yes we ate meat on Good Friday. Guess where i am going will be toasty and warm. Easter was quiet. Loved that bit Matthew went to his Grandmas, While Nikita, Shaun and i bummed around at home. Met Shaun's dad for the first time on Easter Sunday. Not what i pictured. Shaun is taller then him but when i asked him if he gets his height from his mum he said "No i am taller then both my parents".
Matthew had Sports Day. He was in the yellow team, which won the whole thing over all. Sweet.
He had so much fun that at the end of the day he was knackered. Next Morning he didn't want to get up but he had to since his class was having a Cinderella Party with party food.
Matthew has dance competitions coming up in May. He is doing a Tap and a Jazz. So see how that goes. Took him to dancing yesterday and this horrible bossy streak appeared.
They are going to the zoo with their Nana Shirley this Thursday which should be great for them. Catching train into town then going on PopEye to the zoo.

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Lynne said...

Thanks for your wishes for a happy birthday - I had a lovely day. You can read all about it on my blog.

Are you an Aussie? I am, I live in the western suburbs of Sydney.