Thursday, April 26, 2007


Ok last Sunday night i went to see PINK in her I"M NOT DEAD TOUR concert. She is freaking awesome and bloody fit as well. I would kill for a body like her, but the thing i was most impressed with is that she is a real person on stage and in real life. She tells things how they are and how they should be. I can totally see how plastic Paris could see PINK as a major threat, cause she is and Paris should be watching her phoney ass and see that people are seeing her for what she is , a phoney plastic barbie doll who hasn't earned her money but will let daddy dearest pay for everything. Good knows what she would do if she had to work for her money like everyone else. Pink really gets involved in her music, and makes you feel part of it. Not once did i get bored and i have the attention span of a three year old. So woman even threw her bra onto the stage. Still trying to decide if that was for PINK or for the guy on the guitar.
The second thing is i am going to see the GUNS'N'ROSES Concert. This is more for my other half who really wanted to see them.

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Lynne said...

Thank you do much for putting my blog in your sidebar - what a thrill.

Glad you enjoyed the Pink concert.

I didn't have a birthday cake - DH and I are having a shared party in May (his 50th is in June) so the cake will come then!