Monday, January 1, 2007

Christmas fun

Ok its the second day into the new year and i have been a slack knitter. Just haven't had time with christmas and wrapping presents to have the kids unwrap their presents to be more interested in the boxes, to find that there is no present under the tree for me from my so called better half but he went out and brought his baby aka his car a set of brand new mags over a grand on a car and i got nothing, have my son counting his sisters presents not understanding that some of his presents cost more and that is why he has less, for my silly idea to cram a six foot christmas tree into the corner and then have to be the one who climbs under the tree to get the presents at the back. So with a busy christmas i packed my needles up to bring them out in the new year. New years eve was at my parents. Mainly family nothing to brag about, next year i am going to have a massive party i think.
Ok time to take the kids to my mums she is on holidays to and would like to see more of the kids. So a nite without my so called terrors.

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