Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cousins Wedding Updates.

Ok awhile ago my Auntie and her husband took out a loan of $5000 dollars to pay for my cousins wedding. No one in the family agreed that they should be putting themselves in debt for this wedding but they went ahead and did it. Well out of this $5000 only $300 is left for the wedding and from what i can tell none of it has been spent on the wedding. So now for the next month my auntie can't spend any of her and her husbands income so she can save $1500. They have invited 90 people, so they have to worry about food, alcohol, and decorations. They haven't paid my mum for the deposit for the hire of the hall, flowers she purchased for the bouquets, or the printing of the invitations. So far the only thing my cousin has put her hand in her pocket to pay for lately is the wedding dress and $300 for a puppy. The bridesmaids have brought all their dresses and shoes, plus jewellery. I am really mad, The rest of the bridal party wants to go out for a hens nite but the bride doesn't want to come and even if she did she couldn't afford it.

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