Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ploughing Day and Mothers Day.

On the 6Th of May Shaun took Nikita and i on a outing to Ploughing Day, which is when they bring out all the antique tractors. Shaun loves old tractors and dreams of the day he can own a few too. Hence why we would love to buy a couple of aches. They had Clydesdale's pulling ploughs, people giving sheep haircuts, (my favourite) Women spinning the fleece, free face painting, Camel and horse rides, bouncing castle, man showing traditional metal work (Blacksmiths), a lot of old cars, tractors, dirt bikes, and Shaun's favourite thing helicopter rides. Every since Shaun and i have met that is all he has wanted to do, and he finally got to do it. Now it seems he wants a helicopter of his own. (Great if you got half a million just laying around). It was a great day and we all had a ball.

Yesterday was of course Mothers day and my family and i went to Central Districts Football Club for dinner. I had a chicken kevi (I love garlic), Shaun had kangaroo in chili plum sauce, Matthew had pizza and chips, while Nikita has chicken Nuggets and chips. Very nice meals, kangaroo was very tender. I scored loads of presents, got spoilt rotten. Shaun made me breakfast in bed which was so yummy, scrambled eggs and toast. I love mothers day.

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Lia said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time, and your family is lovely! Happy Mother's Day!