Thursday, May 10, 2007

Golden Rule

Matthew came fourth in his jazz troupe last night. I am so proud of my little man.
Haven't been behind the scenes in a dancing competition for a while but being there last night you can see why little ballerina's grow up and become arrogant towards other schools, and mummy dearest came blame herself for that and all it takes is for a couple of mums to spoil and disgrace a name for the whole school.

While there last night, i was waiting for Matthew to get his bear nose on, when three mums from the school next to us, Eastern Districts Academy of Dance starting talking rather loudly about our school and how they were poopy that our school has so much space and we for the first time had managed to get one of the little single rooms. This conversation between the three of them went on for a while and even through they knew i could hear they didn't stop.

Now these parents should be ashamed of themselves and be given a good kit up the butt. What kind of social skills does that teach your childern and they are giving a great and talented dance school a bad rep. Especially when children from different dance schools wear t-shirts or jumpers with their school logos on them. Not the smartest thing to do, have your mum advertise that she has a carrot up her bum.

I have nothing against the school, i think these girls have worked hard and have amazing talent, but the mums need to follow the golden rule i teach my children, if you can't say nothing nice don't say anything at all.

Matthew looked so cute, he got frustrated with me cause i wouldn't let him rub his nose when it was itchy, but hey it would of been worse to have a black smear across his face. He was a bit bummed he only got fourth but i said did you have fun, he said yes, said that is all that matters.
I am soooooo proud of him, and don't care what he comes as long as he has fun doing it.

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